company policy


1. All Antech Holistic Products (merged with Personal Health Development) are hand made to order and so all sales are final.

2.  Personal Health Development does not reacquire, or resell any product that has been in the prior possession of any other party, including individuals, retailers, wholesalers, or distributors.

This establishes our commitment to protecting the health of the individual end user.

These policies ensure that the highest product quality and safety is maintained.

Preventing product tampering is a priority in eliminating high liability costs.

Personal Health Development has established standards that meet or exceed current health regulations established and/or regulated by the United States Government and the Natural Health Products Industry.


Damage to merchandise contents/packaging due to shipping making the products unfit for retail display sales. Should this occur, the customer should contact  Personal Health Development for the following:

1. To advise us as to the extent of damages as to ascertain the extent of the damage and obtain permission to discard the damaged goods. ( In most cases, proof of damaged items will be required prior to replacement.) If requested, Personal Health Development will expect damaged items to be returned for inspection and eventual destruction.