Pet Needs


Organic Health Care Products For Your Pets Because You Want The Very Best For Your Furry Friends!

#1 Arthro-Flex

Topical 4 oz 90 day supply $29.95 Retail

Instant Pain Relief & effective ongoing therapy for all types of Neuropathic pain, Rheumatoid Arthritis, and Osteoarthritis. Apply to all stress points like ankle and knee joints. Also excellent for post surgical healing of muscles, tendons and ligaments! Regular use of Arthro-Flex is the best way to maintain healthy muscles and to prevent any future muscle and joint health problems.

#2 Immuno-Plex

Topical 4 oz 90 day supply $29.95 Retail

Immuno-Plex is highly effective and recommended for your pets of any age, particularly those exposed to stressful situations, such as illness, travel, working or competition events. With our original Essential Plant Oil formula, Immuno-Plex addresses all the problems of premature aging, and the problems of free radical damage with powerful organic phyto anti-oxidants. Immuno-Plex also contains essential vitamins and minerals, plus other organic compounds that stimulate and regulate the immune system. Regular use of Immuno-Plex will insure a healthy immune system and a healthy happy pet!

#3 Derma-Plex

Topical 4 oz 90 day supply $29.95 Retail

Derma-Plex with Organic Essential Plant Oils is our exclusive anti-bacterial and anti-fungal formula designed to regenerate and nourish skin cells! After the very first use, you will notice that your pets skin problems are diminished! Dry Skin Patches, Rashes, Eczema, Psoriasis rapidly improve until gone! Regular use of Derma-Plex will prevent any reoccurrence of nagging skin problems.

#4 Pedo-Plex

Topical 4 oz 90 day supply $29.95 Retail

The perfect answer to raw, cracked, and overly dry paw pads. Pedo-Plex immediately softens, heals cracks and with regular use maintains healthy pads and paws and in addition promotes healthy nail growth.

#5 Shampoo Topical

4 oz 90 day supply $19.95 Retail

Shampoo promotes a healthy coat of fur while it thoroughly cleans without drying the skin. Essential plant oils nourish the skin and create a protective barrier that locks natural moisture in while locking dryness out.

#6 Re-Pell Organic Flea Control

Topical 4 oz 90 day supply $29.95 Retail

Natural Flea control that doesn't poison your friends to get the job done! An exclusive combination of Essential Plant Oils in a dropper bottle that is easy to use. Depending on the size of your pet, 3 to 6 drops of RE-PELL Flea Control along the back will stop flea's for 7 days. Because RE-PELL Flea Control is all organic, reapplying will not cause any negative side effects! In fact, RE-PELL Flea Control is actually healthy for your best friend!

Since 1993, Ahrm 100% Phyto-organic Products Have Been Available At Better Health Food & Sport Fitness Retailers, Natural Pharmacies, Naturopathic Doctors, Chiropractors, Licensed Massage Therapists & Other Holistic Health Professionals.